Colifrapy comes with a scaffolder used to generate code boilerplate. Therefore, a command is automatically added when you install colifrapy with pip.


To use the scaffolder:

colifrapy new [name-of-project]

options :
    {-a/--author: Author of the project}
    {-o/--organization: Organization of the author}

This will generate a standard colifrapy project containing the following files :

  • .gitignore (exluded files for git)

  • requirements.txt (base pip dependencies)

  • (project documentation)

  • [name-of-project].py (command line hub)

  • config/
    • settings.yml (standard settings for your project)
    • strings.yml (externalized strings)
  • model/
    • (basic controller)
    • (basic model)

Every relevant folder will of course come along with its file.